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To The Two Who Made Me Mommy: An Open Letter To My Twin Boys

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To The Two Who Made Me Momma

When I first laid my eyes on you, I was enamored by life. For nine months I felt you kick and move inside me and as time went on, I imagined how you would look, how you would sound, the life we would have. In all my fantasies, I could never have imagined the life we now have.

The first time I held you in my arms I was mesmerized by your beauty. I could not get my eyes off you. I could not stop smiling at the miracle that was you. After nine months of imagining how you would be, how you would sound, how you would feel in my arms, here you were. You, God’s creation, were remarkable.

The first time I put you to my breast and you suckled, I felt a love I never felt before. My body responded and produced the nourishment you needed to grow.

The first time I heard your cry, I wanted to make it stop. From then on, I knew I would always strive to protect you. To wipe your tears when you cry, to calm you down when you scream your little lungs out.

The first time you laughed, it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I smiled as I saw the dimples form around your cheeks.

The first time you spoke was musical. I held on to every word you said and prompted you for more. The words da-da never sounded so good before.

The first time you said “Mama” you stole my heart again. I felt that you knew me. You finally knew me. I am your mama.

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These last twelve months with you have been stressful and tiring, yet wonderous, adventurous, eye-opening, and laughter-filled. You have widened my heart, strengthened my will, emptied my pockets, but filled my life with so much joy.

As you turn one, I want you to know that: you are brave, strong, and adventurous. You are made for greatness and I want you to claim it. This world is yours for the taking. You will not allow other people’s opinions of you to stop your reach. You will grasp opportunities and reach beyond the stars. You are creators, you are builders, you are capable of anything you set your mind to.

I will always be the wind behind your wings, there to stop the tears, kiss the wounds, and help you as you navigate this world. I can never thank God enough for you. You will forever be my present.

I love you,


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