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8 Important Lessons To Teach Your Child

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As parents, we are tasked with a great responsibility in ensuring we raise responsible children who will be productive members of society. As a parent, you have important lessons to teach your child formed from the experiences that you have had. That’s what makes parenting so exciting, yet terrifying.

Even more so, we live in a time when it has been exposed to us how important teaching our children the right lessons is. As we struggle with different issues affecting our country and try to change policies that will impact both our lives and our children, it is important not to neglect an important area that impacts them the most, and that is the home.

Home is where our children learn how to love, how to treat others, and the kind of behaviors that they should/shouldn’t entertain. Home is where they learn how to talk to others based on how we speak to them. It’s where they are shaped and molded.

As a single mom to boys, I feel a certain level of responsibility to raise my sons a certain way. I want them to be respectful gentlemen who contribute to their community. I also want them to understand their worth and value so that is why I make sure to speak words of positivity over them and ensure that I am speaking to them the way I want them to act.


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Important Lessons To Teach Your Child

1. Teach Them To Be Kind

We live in a world where people commit suicide because of the words others have said to them. A world where children can be bullied by strangers behind a keyboard. It is evident that we need more kindness in this world. That is why it is important that we teach our children to be kind and loving towards others.

Not only do we need to teach them to be kind, but we also need to teach them to stand up in situations where wrongdoing is taking place. Bullies only continue bullying when they see others being silent. Let’s teach our children to be kind to others and stand up when they see injustice taking place.

2. Teach Them to Accept Themselves and Others

Self-acceptance is important. We want our children to understand that they are perfect the way God made them. We want them to accept themselves the way they are and to be proud of their heritage, culture, skin color, and physical attributes.

3. Teach Them About Hard Work, Perseverance, and Grit

I learned the importance of hardwork from seeing my parents work hard to provide for us. My mom would wake up early in the morning to go to the market and buy produce that we would sell in our little kiosk. I learned hardwork and grit from seeing her get up day in and day out and doing what it takes to provide for our family.

She also taught me perseverance which has enabled me to go through this single motherhood journey with much more grace. I have been able to persevere through days that seemed impossible because my mother taught me the importance of not giving up.

I want my children to see these skills in me as well and to be able to embody them. I want them to learn the importance of hardworking and persevering through situations that may seem impossible because it pays off in the end.

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4. Teach Them That They Can Achieve Anything They Set Their Minds On

If there is one thing that I want my sons to know, it’s that they can achieve/be anything that they want to be. I want them to go beyond any limits this world may try to set on them and achieve great things. That is why I like to speak positive affirmations over them.

Right now they can’t speak over themselves so I want to instill these beliefs in them while they are young so that as they grow up, they can start to believe it themselves.

5.Teach them To Only Focus On What They Can Control

I want my children to know that there are certain things in this world that they don’t have control over: what others think of them, what others do, what happened in the past, their skin color, where they were born and to whom.

Instead, I want them to focus on the things that they can control: themselves, their thoughts, and their abilities.

6. Teach Them To Make Mistakes And Learn From Them

I want my children to know that we all make mistakes, even their parents. I want them to be open and honest with me about the mistakes they make. And I want them to be open to learning from the mistakes they made. Furthermore, I want them to own their mistakes and take responsibility for them.

7. Teach Them To Forgive and Extend Grace

We live in a culture that “cancels” wrongdoers. However, going through this time has made me appreciate grace even more and it’s definitely something I want to teach my children. I want them to know that when others make mistakes, we don’t cancel, bully, or mock them, we extend grace and forgive like God did us.

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8. Teach Them Their Worth

We need to teach our children that their value is not determined by what others say about them or how they treat them. I believe this is an important lesson to teach your child because so many commit suicide because they believed what others said about them. So many children develop insecurities because of being bullied either because of their appearance or some other factor.

When they know and understand their value, they can live without concern for what others think of them because they’ll know that their worth and value doesn’t come from others, it comes from God.

In Conclusion

It’s important to remember that our children will not just listen to what we say but they will follow what we do. So it is important that we embody the kind of behaviors we want them to emulate. Our children will learn about how to treat themselves from how we treat them and how we speak to them. They will learn about how to treat others based on our interactions with others and how we speak to and of others.

Thus, as we work to pass down important lessons, lets also work on showing them how it looks like to embody the kind of behaviors we want to see in them.

I would love to know what important lessons you will be teaching your child in the comments!

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