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How To Clean A Messy House When Overwhelmed: 6 Easy Steps

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How do you clean a messy house when you are a busy mom and you’ve allowed your house to get to an appalling state? I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel of me cleaning my messy house. I mean it was BAD! Life happened over a few days and I didn’t have enough motivation to get it cleaned so it got out of hand. When you have children, it’s not hard for your house to get messy and especially when you are a working single mom, your house can get dirty quickly!

I posted the video about a week ago and it has gained a lot of views! Currently, it’s at 48k views. It’s the most popular video on my channel and I am really proud of it! When I posted it, I didn’t think it would get that many views but I guess it was the shocking state that really attracted a lot of people.

With the views came comments ranging from extremely angry and offended to those that resonated with the situation. Among the many comments that I received were those from moms who were tired of seeing videos on YouTube of creators cleaning houses that were already clean. Just type “cleaning motivation” on YouTube and you’ll be inundated with videos showcasing beautiful clean homes that “need to be cleaned”.

These kinds of videos don’t provide motivation to clean a messy house. That is why my video received a lot of engagement. Because this world is full of women, and men, who are tired of watching clean houses being cleaned. Who want to see someone tackle real mess because they also experience those days/weeks where they don’t have the motivation to clean and they need to see someone who is in the same situation as them.

I received comments from people who were impressed that I was able to tackle the mess as quickly as I did so on this post, I will be sharing with you a step by step guide on how to clean a messy house.

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Click here to watch the video or scroll down to watch it.

How To Clean A Messy House Step by Step


Let’s be honest, your home doesn’t get trashed and stay that way for a day or two because you are happy and excited about cleaning. Usually, when your environment gets to an appalling state, it’s an indication that there’s something going on or that you just have kids, haha. So deal with that. What’s going on that caused you to lose motivation to clean? Is it that you haven’t established a cleaning schedule that works? Were you going through something emotionally that made you lose motivation?

I also have kids who are curious and have been going through my apartment like a tornado! At the moment they are one and don’t understand the concept of cleaning yet but as they grow, I will be teaching them how to clean after themselves to help prevent the mess.


I get so excited to clean when I have upbeat music playing because it gives me the motivation I need to get through the cleaning that needs to be done. If you enjoy watching cleaning videos, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for cleaning motivation to help you on days when you don’t feel like cleaning.

And if you are cleaning while your kids are sleeping, you need these bluetooth wireless headphones.

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When I have a lot of clutter, as I did in my video, I like to start by grabbing a large trash bag and picking up all the trash that I can pick up. I go through the whole apartment and grab all the trash from every location and gather these by the door or go dispose of them.

If you don’t want to use a trash bag, you can grab a trash bin and do the same thing. The goal is to pick up as much trash as possible so you can actually start cleaning.


If I have a lot of laundry to do, I’ll get started by going around my apartment and picking up all the clothes. Once I have gathered all the laundry, I sort them out and place them in the washing machine so they can wash while I clean the rest of the house.


Tacke the worst part of your house first. Usually the kitchen and dining area get worse in my house so I like to tackle these first before I start doing anything else.


  1. I collect all the dishes and place them in the dishwasher and run it. Once the dishwasher is full, I leave the remaining dishes in the sink to be washed later. (I don’t handwash my dishes anymore. I come from an African family where I used to be the dishwasher for quite some time so now that I have my own place, I don’t bother handwashing unless I have to haha). However, if that is something you want to do, I would recommend washing the dishes after you have wiped down your counters.
  2. Wipe down all the counters and stovetop.
  3. Empty trash can.
  4. Change out towels.
  5. Leave the floor for later.


My boys feed themselves so they tend to throw food on the floor when done and that can get pretty sticky and messy.

  1. So I will pick up any food items I can and place these in the trash.
  2. Grab the tables from their high chairs and bring those to the sink area to be washed.
  3. Wipe down the high chair; place the cover in the washer if necessary.
  4. Wipe down the dining table.
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I get my cleaning supplies from Grove Collaborative. They offer natural cleaning products that are good for the environment and your home and aren’t dangerous around your kids. The best part is with their VIP membership, you can have your products delivered straight to your door!


Once the worst area is clean, I feel even more motivated to finish the cleaning because I know I don’t have much else to do.


  1. Pick up items from the floor and place them in the correct area.
  2. Dust.
  3. Clean and tidy seating area.
  4. Wipe down the surfaces.


  1. Start by clearing any clutter from the counters.
  2. Wipe down mirrors.
  3. Wipe down counters.
  4. Clean the toilet.
  5. Clean tub if necessary.
  6. Take out the trash.
  7. Sweep and mop floors.


My bedroom usually stays pretty clean except for the humongous pile of laundry on my bed!

  1. Make the bed.
  2. Change bed and crib linens.
  3. Pick up any clutter.
  4. Vacuum the floor.


  1. Sweep/ Vacuum.
  2. Scrape off stuck on food.
  3. Mop.
  4. Dust off rugs.


This is not the time to deep clean. The goal is to restore your home back to a clean state. So as you clean and notice some areas that need extra attention, don’t pay attention to these. Clean what you can and plan on tackling those areas later.

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  1. Hi, Faith you give me so much encouragement. From looking at your videos I’m now able to clean every day and keep my house clean. You are amazing for doing such a great job with twins, I have one son and my house use to be overwhelming at times. God bless you.

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