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Hello! I’m Faith,

Welcome to Single Mommy Winning! I’m a Kenyan born and raised single mom to twin boys. My family and I moved to America in 2007 to pursue better opportunities! I never knew one day I would be sitting here, single with two boys, but here we are. I enjoy sharing my experiences as a first-time mom with others in hopes that my story will inspire, educate, or motivate.

About - Single Mommy Winning
Single Mommy Winning

My Motherhood Journey

Earlier in 2019, I became a mom to two boys: Hodari (left) and Milambu (right)! They have become my world! They have taught me so much about myself and strengthened my resolve in this life. They have brought out so much that I never knew I had! I never planned to be a single mom, but I find myself in this situation where I am the main provider for my boys and it has been quite a journey!

My boys are now 11 months going on 12, they are growing and thriving!

Why This Blog?

Single Mommy Winning was created for the mom who wants to win despite the current situation she finds herself in.

As single moms, we experience so much. So much pain, tiredness, loneliness, and being overwhelmed that it may seem like that’s all we’ll ever get from life.

But I don’t believe that you should settle because you’re a single mom, neither should you neglect yourself, your goals, and ambitions. Aim higher than ever, dream bigger and set your sights on higher goals. Let’s get there together.

things I wish I knew before becoming a single mom
Single Mommy Winning

Come Along

Through this blog, I hope to share with you my struggles, joys, and triumphs! I have learned a lot from being a single mom but I don’t purport to know everything. I am still learning and growing from this journey and I want to invite you along. It is my hope that we can share in the wins, laughter, and cries together!

You can expect to see posts about single-motherhood (covering topics single moms struggle with), lifestyle, baby, and more…

Fun Facts About Me


I am too much of a perfectionist and sometimes it prevents me from doing things because I want them done “a certain way”…

Sweet Tooth

I have come to the realization recently that I am addicted to sweets and candy. It may have happened between getting pregnant and getting screamed at by two tiny humans…

Book Worm

I love to read! When I was in high school, my idea of a fun Friday night was me cuddled up with a Shakespeare book.

I Hate Cards

When we moved here, my parents would give us a card and chocolate for our bdays. (They aren’t really fond of giving gifts.) So, of course, I grew to hate cards! I also feel like its lazy because you’re using someone else’s words to convey your feeling towards me when you can just tell me yourself.


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