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A Single Mom’s Evening Routine | 3 Habits for a Better Morning

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An evening routine is really important, especially as a single mom, as it helps prepare you for a great morning. Despite its importance, it can be hard developing a routine when you are a busy single mom like me. Currently, I work during the weekends, I do YouTube, and I blog while caring for my twin boys full time. Having all of these responsibilities can make things overwhelming very quickly.

For the longest time, I didn’t have a routine. I just did what I could at night so I can go to sleep. However, I have learned to implement simple habits that I can do each night to ensure that I have a great start in the morning. I have found these three habits to be more important and helpful and the best thing is they don’t take that long to complete.

3 Evening Habits for a Better Morning

1. Quick Clean Up

If there is something that upsets me the most in the morning, it’s waking up to a dirty apartment. Truth be told, there are nights when I am usually so tired and overwhelmed that all I do is go to bed and forget the cleaning. However, I have found that it is a lot better when I clean so I can wake up to a clean house.

To ensure that I wake up to a clean house, here are some of the things I do:

1. Clean the dining area and the high chairs. I have also found that it’s better if I have this area ready for the morning so I will place a trash bag underneath the high chairs so that I don’t have to think about it the next day. ( I use trash bags because I can’t find any splat mat big enough for both high chairs). I also place their bib on the high chairs so it’s easy to access during breakfast.

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Use my codes MATINIBOGO 50% or MATINIFREESHIP to get a coverall bib through bibado! These are perfect for baby-led weaning and help minimize the mess.

2. Clean kitchen counter tops and place dishes in the dishwasher.

3. Pick up around the living room.

4. If the floors are too dirty then I sweep and mop if necessary.

I always find that it’s easier to clean up at night once my babies are asleep because I am uninterrupted and can focus. In most cases, if the house is really bad, then I stay up pretty late cleaning.

2. Plan the Next Day

Another habit that helps me get ready for the next day is planning the events that will take place. I’m getting better at time blocking and scheduling my week and I like to take some time at night to review my schedule and see what I need to do the next day. Usually, I’ll write this in my planner and make any changes to my schedule.

In addition to writing in my planner, I like to plan out the clothes for the next day if I know my kids will be spending the day at my parent’s house. It can get really hectic in the morning and I tend to forget things so I like planning out their clothes and putting together their diaper bag at night when they are asleep.

Here are a few things you can do to be ready the next day:

  1. Meal Prep.
  2. Plan any trips that need to take place.
  3. Write out a to-do list.
  4. Review your accomplishments for the day so you have a better idea of what needs to be done the next day.
  5. Put out your workout clothes if you plan on working out the next morning.
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3. Self Care

It is really hard to find time for self-care as a single mom. However, I still try to make this a priority because I understand just how important it is for me to be at my best so I can be the best mom my boys need.

Self-care is doing what makes you happy and human so you can be the mom your kids need. Click To Tweet

I believe it is important to incorporate different habits throughout the week that help you be and feel your best. These could be things that help you look your best or activities that make you happy. I have really been enjoying blogging and doing YouTube. The time that I spend on these activities makes me happy so I plan on doing them when my boys go to sleep.

In addition to YouTube and Blogging, I also like to do facials at night, which I can do while I edit or write a blog. I would encourage you to write down a list of self-care activities that you enjoy and then schedule these as part of your evening routine if you find that you are busy during the day.

Here are a few things you can do to relax after a long day:

  1. Take a warm bath.
  2. Wine and Netflix.
  3. Read a book before bed.
  4. Journal.
  5. Listen to your favorite music or podcast.
  6. Watch your favorite show.
  7. Do a facial while you load the dishwasher.
  8. Your evening skincare routine.
  9. Quick home workout.
  10. Meditate/Pray before bed.

Ultimately, you’ll have to find a rhythm and schedule that works for your household but once you’ve established a great evening routine, you can rest assured that the next morning will start well.

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My Typical Evening Routine

No day is similar so there are days when things go the way they are supposed to and I get the boys to bed by at the right time and then there are other days when that doesn’t happen. Ideally, this is the schedule I like to follow on a perfect day (which doesn’t exist, unfortunately, haha).

5:00 pm: Start dinner while the boys are playing around.

6:00 pm: Eat.

6:30 pm: Clean up while the boys play around.

7:00 pm: Start bedtime routine.

7:30 pm: Read stories and get ready for bed.

8:00 pm: Put the boys down for bedtime.

8:30 pm: Start my skincare routine while I finish up a few things whether it be editing or bloggin and plan for the next day.

9:00 pm: Go to bed. (Other days I stay up till 1 or 3 am working on YouTube or blogging but I’m striving for a 9pm bedtime).

Be sure to let me know some of the activities you do as part of your evening routine and how your schedule looks like in the comments.

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