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9-Month Baby Food Ideas: What My 9-Month-Old Twins Eat In A Day

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Feeding your baby can be a little overwhelming especially as they grow and their needs begin to change. You may be at a loss for what healthy 9-month baby food ideas you can try so I hope to share some with you on this post.

I really enjoy cooking for my babies. It’s one of the things that make me so proud and happy to be a mom! I especially like it when they finish their plate and seem to want more, it gives me so much joy! I started feeding them solids when they were about 5 months old after the direction from my pediatrician and since then, we’ve been experimenting with different foods to see what they enjoy.

We first began with pureed banana and then progressed to more fruit combinations and ultimately vegetable pureed foods. Around 7 months, I started introducing more finger foods as they expressed interest in adult foods and began to develop their grasp even more.

Now they eat almost anything and I have trained them to feed themselves which helps them be more independent and allows them to utilize their grasp. I have found this approach to work well for my family and I would recommend it for you as well but ultimately, it is best to follow your child’s direction and do what you believe is best.

Eating Schedule

8:00 AM: Milk/Formula

9:00 AM: Breakfast

11:00 AM: Milk/Formula or Mid-morning Snack

1:00 PM: Lunch

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3:00 PM: Afternoon Snack and or Milk/Formula

7:00 PM: Dinner

9:00 PM: Milk/Formula

This is the schedule we’ve been using and it works well for us but of course, things change daily. There are days when they go to bed earlier than others and I am actively working to promote an earlier bedtime which will change this eating schedule.

All in all, find an eating schedule that works for you and your family and use that. The important thing is to have a schedule and routine because that helps structure the day.

What They Eat


Breakfast usually consists of eggs, cereal, and fruit. This has been the go-to meal for breakfast since they were about 6 months and they enjoy it! My babies will not eat eggs by themselves so I usually mix up the eggs with baby oatmeal and they seem to really enjoy that combination. I will then add some blueberries or blackberries on top.

I have given them bread with butter/peanut butter in the past and they enjoy it. However, I am trying to limit my bread intake so I don’t keep it in the house lol! Out of sight, out of mind.


For lunch, they have black beans and rice. I usually meal prep my baby meals which enables me to maximize my time and have food ready for them in a timely manner. With the pre-made meals, I usually warm them on the stove because I do not like using the microwave to warm up their food.

I usually mix up their rice and beans because I find that easy for them to digest. The rice I use is the Gerber Baby Rice Cereal which they seem to enjoy.

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I usually cook my black beans with onions and tomatoes, with olive oil. I also don’t add salt or too much seasoning when I am preparing their foods.


There are a lot of choices you can feed your babies in terms of snacks. I personally like to feed my babies fruit salads. I will cut up some fruits and mix them up together and it makes for a quick and healthy snack. I also give them apples and peanut butter or just peanut butter by itself and plain yogurt.


For this day, they had chicken breast and sweet potatoes. I usually cook the chicken on a pan using olive oil and no seasoning. The sweet potatoes are usually boiled. I will usually cut up the chicken into small pieces to make it easy for chewing and digestion.

Even when they don’t have many teeth, you can still feed your baby meats. They can suck on these for the juice and flavor and anything that is not chewed, but just swallowed, will usually end up in the poop.

My babies have 16 teeth between them so I do give them meats generously and they enjoy them.

That’s what they ate on this day. I like to make healthy, balanced meals for my babies to ensure that they get used to them early on. Hopefully, I won’t have any issues with feeding veggies when they are older haha! One can only hope!

Let me know what you feed your babies and if you allow them to feed themselves in the comments. Also, be sure to share this post with another mama who may be looking for ideas.

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