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9 Essential Baby Led Weaning Feeding Items You Need

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Baby led weaning is the practice of allowing your child to feed themselves. You can begin weaning your baby as soon as they start sitting up on their own and begin to show interest in adult foods. As exciting as it is, baby led weaning can be very stressful and messy. You might feel overwhelmed looking for the right products to use while determining the right foods to feed your baby.

When I started baby led weaning with my twins, I was really excited because I know it would help me reduce formula intake (huge money saver) and I had been looking forward to introducing different foods to them and allowing them the freedom to feed themselves. The idea of cooking for my boys and seeing how they respond to different textures and tastes was just so exciting to me!

But like you, I struggled to find the right products that would minimize mess because cleaning up after twins is not easy! They tend to throw food on the floor and they can get pretty messy too! Below, I share with you baby led weaning essentials that have helped me during this phase! These products have made my life as a single twin mom easier and allowed me to continue giving my boys the freedom to experiment with their food as they grow.

Disclaimer: Some of the links may be affiliate and I may make a small commission if you make a purchase at no cost to you at all. Thank you for your support!


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1. High Chair

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It’s recommended that you wait until your baby can sit for you to start baby led weaning, however, I started mine around 5/6 months and they weren’t fully sitting at that stage. The baby trend high chair was perfect because it has different siting settings, one of which allows your baby to lean back and receive the Puréed food.

2. BIBaDO – Full Coverage Bib

There is nothing like having a bib that covers your baby completely so as to minimize the mess. I recently came across BIBaDO and it has been a lifesaver! This coverall bib is perfect for baby-led weaning because it covers your baby completely allowing no holes where food can go through. It is also waterproof which is perfect because babies will play with water all day if you let them.

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3. Splat Mat

Babies can make a mess! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent cleaning after my kids’ mess! After every meal, I have had to clean spilled milk or food that they didn’t want from the floor. That is where the splat mat has come in handy. I am yet to find one that covers two high chairs to make it easy but the use of BIBaDO (don’t forget to use my codes) has significantly reduced the mess, making a splat mat almost unnecessary. Despite that, I think it’s a must-have for baby-led weaning.

4. Sippy cup

I started training my babies to feed themselves very early on because I knew it would release me, allowing me to focus on other things. So when they started grasping, I introduced sippy cups and they caught on pretty quickly. For me, it was important that they became independent because as a single mom, I knew that would make feeding a lot easier. As they are getting older, I have been giving them regular cups to allow them to learn how to open up their hands and grab them.

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5. Suction Plates

As your baby develops his/her grasp, they will grab anything around them and throw them everywhere! Suction plates are fantastic because they stick to the high chair table making it harder for your child to grab the plate.

I love the bamboo plates because they are so adorable but there are other options of suctions plates that can work for your situation.

6. Self Training Feeding Utensils

Speaking of independence, start your baby on self-feeding utensils early. I’m in love with this Olababy training spoon! They are perfect for self-feeding and can be chewed on to soothe aching gums.

7. Portable High Chair

This high chair by Inglesina is perfect for travel, especially when going to restaurants. It attached to the table so your baby can sit at the table with you without worrying about whether the restaurant will have a high chair for your baby. The cover is removable, making cleanups easy and it’s small so carrying it is easy.

8. Nubby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle

At this age, your baby will be teething as well. These popsicles are great for freezing breast milk or fruit that they can suck on or bite for comfort and to help soothe their gums.

9. Baby Food Steamer Bowl

This toxin-free silicone bowl is perfect for steaming and serving your baby food.

Baby led weaning is such an exciting time because it allows you to see your baby try new foods and marks another milestone in their lives. With the right tools, it can be a breeze with minimal mess and stress!

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Let me know what items were essential for you when you were weaning your baby in the comments!

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