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Archives for April 2020

30 Powerful Positive Affirmations For Kids Raised By Single Parents

Positive affirmations for kids are important especially for children raised in single-parent households who, most times, grow up feeling unwanted and less than because of the circumstances around ... READ the POST

2 Hours of Upbeat Cleaning Music Playlist

Cleaning is not fun! It can be tedious and mundane but when you have the right music, it gets you excited about cleaning. This cleaning music playlist is sure to get you excited about tackling that ... READ the POST

How To Get Over Your Ex When You Have A Child Together

The end of a relationship is usually hard to get over. It is usually the thought that you won't see that person like you used to or have access to them like you used to that sends ripples of pain ... READ the POST

How To Clean A Messy House When Overwhelmed: 6 Easy Steps

How do you clean a messy house when you are a busy mom and you've allowed your house to get to an appalling state? I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel of me cleaning my messy house. I mean ... READ the POST

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