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2 Hours of Upbeat Cleaning Music Playlist

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Cleaning is not fun! It can be tedious and mundane but when you have the right music, it gets you excited about cleaning. This cleaning music playlist is sure to get you excited about tackling that long list of tasks you’ve been putting off.

I know I have had days when I was not motivated to clean at all. Days where things get overwhelming and I get discouraged to the point where my apartment gets messy. During these times, I have found that having good uplifting and energetic music to be useful in getting me back to a better state. And I know it will do the same for you.

Disclaimer: Some of the links may be affiliate and I may make a small commission if you make a purchase at no cost to you at all. Thank you for your support!

I get my music from Epidemic Sound and Musicbed. These sites have licensed music which allows me to use them in my songs on YouTube with no issues.

Upbeat Cleaning Music Playlist

Click here to watch the video or scroll down to listen to the cleaning music playlist.

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Here is the list of songs from the playlist. I have added ES and MB to represent Epidemic Sound and Musicbed respectively. That is where you will find that particular song.

  1. Strong Yet Weak (ES)
  2. Super Human (MB)
  3. Seniorita Twist (MB)
  4. I’m Ready (ES)
  5. Fighting for – Lyra Blue (MB)
  6. Born for this (ES)
  7. Te Extrano (ES)
  8. Conmigo (ES)
  9. Que Somos (ES)
  10. Tequila Shawty ( ES)
  11. White Shift Collar (MB)
  12. White Flag ( ES)
  13. Roll with the punches (ES)
  14. Slow Burn Bronze (MB)
  15. Dizzying Heights ( ES)
  16. Te Vas (ES)
  17. Say We’re Sorry (Hallman Remix) (ES)
  18. Restless by Maddy Hartson (MB)
  19. Flying Colors (ES)
  20. Paint the sky (MB)
  21. Gotta Be My Someone (ES)
  22. Hacerte El Amor Cossy (MB)
  23. Not Gonna Defend My Beating Heart (ES)
  24. Gasoline Matthew Steeper-noah (MB)
  25. Everlasting Ego (ES)
  26. Dulzura (ES)
  27. Farra (ES)
  28. Like a Ricochet (ES)
  29. Falta (ES)
  30. You Got Me Like (ES)
  31. Pushing Away (ES)
  32. Toxica (ES)
  33. Every Day (ES)
  34. Confidence (MB)
  35. Born to let go  (MB)
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When it comes to cleaning products, I get mine from Grove Collaborative. I love that they have natural products that can be used without worrying about their effects on kids. They also have a VIP membership that allows you to get your products delivered periodically, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Be sure to let me know what your favorite song from the playlist is. I hope this helps you tackle all that you need to get done. Happy cleaning!

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