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16 Baby Items You Don’t Need To Buy As A New Single Mom

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When you first learn that you’ll be a mother, you experience a lot of emotions. These range from excitement, anxiety, to fear. One of the things that cause fear is the financial aspect of parenthood. They don’t lie, babies are expensive! As you begin to purchase items for your baby/ies, you may begin to wonder if you need all the items they suggest you buy. Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need everything they say you should buy. Here are 16 baby items you don’t need to buy as a new single mom.

This list applies to you whether you are single or not but I do find as a single mom, there may be financial restraints that make it hard for you to buy all that you think you may need. So it’s good to know what items you can live without.

Diaper Pail: Your baby diapers will stink as they grow. Not much can be done to stop that. I just use regular trash cans and dispose of the trash frequently.

Wipe Warmer: I have to admit that I felt bad waking up my babies with a wet wipe on their bum at 3 am in the morning. But they got over it lol…

Changing Table: This is specifically for single twin moms. I never used my changing table at all. When they were smaller, we would change them there at night and it was easy to use it but now, I rarely use it. I usually just change my babies on my bed. You may want to purchase this for the beginning to avoid bending so much, but I think as they grow, you may find that you use it less. Opt to buy a changing pad you can place on a dresser.

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Peepee Teepees: I thought that since I have boys who love to spray my furniture every time I change them, the peepee teepees would be life-changing. Wrong! The things don’t stay on the peepee enough to contain the pee… when your baby moves, it moves too… waste of money!

Baby Monitor: I live in a one-bedroom apartment and I share my bedroom with my babies so I never needed a baby monitor. Whenever they are in the bedroom, I make sure that I can hear them just in case they cry. We’ve survived without it.

Rocking Chair: I decided to breastfeed my babies and it has been a great, challenging experience. The learning curve was definitely tough to get through but as I learned to breastfeed tandem, I realized that I wouldn’t need a rocking chair.

Instead, I used my couch and a pillow to prop my baby. If I need to console them, I rock them with my body.

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Dresser: As I mentioned before, I live in a one-bedroom apartment which I share with my boys. With my queen bed in there, I don’t have that much space. I was lucky enough to be able to fit in their cribs and the changing table but that did not leave any room for a dresser.

I ended up purchasing a simple dresser from IKEA and it has been sufficient. Since babies go through their clothing pretty fast, I have been able to fit all I need in that dresser. I also utilize the drawers in the changing table, that I no longer use, for storage.

Bedding Sets: I never wasted my money on bedding sets. They look pretty but are pretty useless. Plus, it is highly recommended you do not have many items inside or around your baby’s crib because this could contribute to SIDS.

Bottle Steamer: Instead of spending money on a bottle steamer, you can sterilize your baby bottles by boiling them.

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Bottle Warmer: Same thing here, I never bought a bottle warmer. Instead, I warmed their milk on the stovetop. However, at 3 am when you are trying to feed these babies, it can be challenging to wait for the water to boil. So just run the bottle under hot water and the temperature should be good for your baby.

Baby Bottle Dish Soap: I ended up using just a regular dish shop for my bottles and they worked just fine!

Pacifier & Boogie Wipes: I prefer washing my pacifiers instead of wiping them. And when the boogie monster shows up, any wipe comes handy! No need to spend money on wipes you don’t need.

Baby Shoes: As cute as they may look, your baby won’t keep them on long enough. Plus, they can’t walk, so what’s the point? The only baby shoes I own are the ones that come in a set with outfits.

Baby Oil & Baby Powder: Used to be popular back in the day, not anymore. If you are concerned with diaper rash, buy an ointment that can be applied in the area.

Too Many Clothes: Babies grow quickly so don’t spend too much money on newborn clothes.

Pregnancy Books: There are so many apps that provide information on your pregnancy that you won’t need to spend money on a book. Downloads apps like Pregnancy+ and The Bump which contain a lot of information.

How many of these items did you actually buy only to realize that you didn’t need them? Let me know in the comments!

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