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11 Helpful Tips and Tricks For New Moms

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If you are anything like me, you are overwhelmed by everyday tasks and always looking for ways to manage your time or get more done within 24 hours! I am learning that there are certain things we can do that can help maximize our time and help us make the most of what we have!

Here are 11 tips and tricks for new moms I have used as a newly single mom that have helped me maintain my sanity!

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Tips and Tricks For New Moms

1. Meal Prep

Meal prepping has become such a life and time saver for me! When I first came home from the hospital, I was busy being tired and trying to keep these boys alive so I did not prioritize meal prepping! This led to a lot of crankiness because I wasn’t getting enough nutrients and too much junk food and candy!

Recently I began to understand the importance of meal prepping and how much time it would save me! Nowadays, I spend 4 hours of meal prepping for 2 weeks. This allows me to plan out what I would be eating for lunch and dinner, leaving breakfast (which I enjoy making in the morning!).

I also meal prep my snacks and smoothies and this takes away the guesswork and extra time it takes to prepare these items… especially when I am hungry!

I have a video on how I meal prep my snacks and smoothies. You can watch that here.

2. Meal Prep for Baby

Meal prepping is not just for adults! It is such a beneficial practice that you can use to ensure your babies eats the right food at the right time! When my little ones were littler, I would prepare their pureed food for 2-3 days, place them in small containers and freeze them! This way, I was always ready for them when they woke up or were hungry.

You know how babies are, when they wake up, the only thing they care about is food in their bellies and dry diapers! When they wake up screaming, all you want to do is calm them down! So you scramble to put the milk together and put some food together!

What if you didn’t have to worry about that! What if you already had their food and milk ready so that when they wake up screaming, you can present them with that bottle followed by some warm food and maintain the calm and peace!

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Meal prepping your baby food can achieve those results!

3. Wake Up Earlier than your Baby/ies

I have found that waking up 2-3 hours earlier that your babies is really beneficial because it allows you to do things uninterrupted. This is a great time to have some me-time and get ready for the day.

My boys will wake up around 8/9 so I try to get up at 5/6 am. When I get up, I sometimes clean up the mess from the night before or will take a shower and prepare myself for the day.

I’m starting to add fitness to my schedule more so waking up early is allowing me to take some time and workout so I feel rejuvenated through the day.

Another great habit to take on in the morning is to prepare the food your baby food will be eating throughout the day. You can put together their meals and their milk/formula so that you are ready for them when they wake up.

4. Utilize Food & Grocery Delivery

If you have grocery delivery in your area, then I would highly recommend taking advantage of this service! At the beginning of my motherhood journey, I didn’t take advantage of it and had to go to the stores with my babies which is such a hassle!

Now I utilize Walmart grocery delivery which is surprisingly only $13/ month. With this service, I get unlimited delivery which is so helpful because I always forget things which then results in multiple trips to the grocery store. With delivery, if I forget something, I can add it to the next order and have it delivered!

The best thing about this service is that I can get same-day delivery and I can control my spending!

Oh if I could count the times I went to the store for one thing only to end up with countless other items I didn’t need! It would be too many times!

If you have a Target or Walmart near you then take advantage of this service. You can also utilize the free pickup.

5. Pay for a Cleaning Service

Going on with the theme of using services to free up your time so you can take care of other things, consider paying for cleaning. This could be cleaning in your home or apartment.

I personally enjoy cleaning my place so I haven’t considered hiring a cleaning service, however, if you are very busy and need to delegate that task, then do it!

There are a lot of cleaning services out there and the trade value will be worth it since it will free you up for other important tasks.

Now if you are the kind of person who enjoys cleaning their home and loves upbeat cleaning motivation, you will love my channel! I post really upbeat cleaning music to get you excited about cleaning!

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If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe for more videos! Here is one of my cleaning videos!

6. Set a Routine for You and Baby

Routines are so crucial as a new mom! Not only do they set the pace for events throughout your day, but they also help you and your baby know what to expect and when!

At the beginning of my journey, I did not have any routines. I just followed my babies’ commands. And this was good for both of us because it was a learning moment.

As the months have progressed, I have established some routines that help us throughout the day. I have a morning, evening, and bathtime routine.

These routines help them know what to expect when and also keeps me in line with what I am supposed to do.

If you haven’t already, set a routine that works for you. Decide the events that will take place in the morning and evening and this will help make the days smoother for you!

7. Plan Ahead

Take the time to plan your week and day.

I have to confess that I haven’t been as consistent in writing in my planner as I should but this is a habit that really sets you up for success.

Set a day for planning. It could be Sunday or Monday and dedicate time to plan out your schedule for the week. This will allow you to plan the events that will take place and anticipate any appointments and events you’re likely to forget.

At the beginning of the day, look through your planner and plan how your day will unfold. Organize your food if you meal prep and what your baby/ies will be eating that day.

You can also take this time to prepare the milk for the day that way you are ready when those moths start screaming.

Being proactive, not reactive, leads to a less stressful day! Click To Tweet

8. Accept Help

I have a confession.

I don’t like accepting help. I feel like I seem needy or helpless when I accept help from others.

The truth? I wouldn’t be here without help and my boys wouldn’t be thriving.

As single moms, this is the one thing that we can’t survive without but we sometimes have a hard time asking for.

So today, I want to encourage you to ask for help. Don’t drown in the ocean that is single-motherhood because you were too prideful to accept a helping hand.

I remember being in the hospital hours after having a c-section trying to care for my boys myself. Nurses would come in asking if they could offer assistance but I would decline it because I was prideful.

I didn’t want them to think that I was helpless even though I didn’t have much family support because my family was working. I wanted it to seem like I had everything under control.

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And I didn’t.

The pretense is killing you since you are the same person who cries at night because you are overwhelmed but puts up a front in the morning when someone asks if they can help. Take it down, accept the help.

If you don’t have any family support, I would encourage you to find a group of ladies that are in the same situation as you who will provide that emotional support that will give you the strength to keep going.

9. Do You When Babies Sleep

Too often I have heard the saying, “try to sleep when your baby is sleeping” and I tried it but it doesn’t work.

When my babies go down, I have a million and one things I want to do and none of them involve sleeping.

So I would encourage you to do you when babies sleep. If you need to clean the house, do it. If you want to Netflix and Chill, do it. If you need some me time, have it. If you want to sleep, sleep.

10. Self Evaluate

I consider myself an introvert with a dash of extrovertness.

I enjoy the company of others and being social but after a while, its draining and I want to be by myself.

During the moments when I am by myself, I like to engage in self-evaluation. I will evaluate my emotions, behaviors, choices, and reactions to see if I could have done something different.

I have found self-evaluation to be particularly important as a mom. Motherhood is hard (as you may know) and takes so much from us. It’s so easy to lose yourself to depression or self loathe if you don’t check your emotional state.

Take the time to ask yourself how you are doing. How are you feeling? As a new mom? Acknowledge your emotions. This way you don’t drown in this role and lose yourself.

11. Don’t Forget About You

Lastly, make time for yourself. Make time for the things you enjoy, the things you used to do before you became a mom.

Prioritize self-care and take efforts to be the best you.

Your babies need you at your best so make sure you are taking care of yourself.

Are there any tips you think I missed? If so, leave them in the comments!

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