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1 Hour of Upbeat Cleaning Music Playlist

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Do you feel like you need upbeat cleaning music to get you through your cleaning? Me too! Cleaning is so boring and seems like its neverending. Having the right music helps stay focused and also helps keep you going. I also enjoy listening to motivational speeches when I clean because it just pumps me up.

Since I know how tiring cleaning can be, I created a cleaning music playlist to help you get through your cleaning. In this video, I share with you some of my favorite cleaning music that gets me excited about cleaning. These are not your typical songs, these songs will get you off your feet and your house clean again! There is nothing like a good playlist to get you through the mundane of cleaning!

I get my cleaning from Epidemic Sound and Musicbed. These two sites provide licensed music that I use in my videos.

I also have a 2 hour cleaning music playlist if you need extra motivation.

Upbeat Cleaning Music Playlist

Click here to watch the video on my YouTube channel or scroll down to listen to the playlist here.

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As a single mom, I cannot afford to hire a cleaning service so I have learned to enjoy cleaning. I find that it’s easier when you have the right type of music. Upbeat cleaning music really motivates me and I wasn’t able to find too many channels that cater to this need, that is why I enjoy creating this content.

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It is also so motivating when you have someone else cleaning with you, so I hope you enjoy the video and that it motivates you through your cleaning!

Do you like to listen and/watch other women clean for motivation? And did you enjoy the upbeat playlist? Let me know in the comments!

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